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Designer Biographies
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Christopher Calle The Worm!

Billions of pieces of Chris's artwork have been purchased and viewed all over the world but few people know him as the artist.

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Christopher Calle
                          Christopher Calle

Chris is an internationally renowned artist and stamp designer of over 200 stamps worldwide and has done over 30 designs for the United States as well as designs for Sweden, the United Nations, and the Marshall Islands, "In Remembrance of September 11th booklet" and "Tropical Reef Life" among them.

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It's not unusual for 20 or 30 million copies of a postage stamp to be printed; therefore a stamp artist's work may be the most reproduced artwork of any kind in the world. For instance, there were half a Billion stamps produced for his design for the 10c Eagle and Shield.

Christopher and Paul Calle
Paul Calle designed the first 10c Man on the Moon stamp in 1969. (Scott C76) Following in his fathers footsteps, Chris designed the $2.40 Priority stamp design for the 20th Anniversary of the first landing on the moon in 1989. He and his father also worked together on the 25th Anniversary of the Moon Landing stamp design which was issued in 1994.

This is a philatelic event that will most likely never be repeated by any other stamp designers. Aside from stamp designs, Chris also designs first day cover cachets for the enjoyment of collectors. (A cachet is a printed picture that goes on the fdc envelope that enhances the stamp design.)

Both Chris and his father, Paul, produced many outstanding first day covers and art designs for the Moonlanding issues. (You can find several of their cover designs with personal autographs at Knottywood Treasures.)

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