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The Stamp Designers
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Piotr Naszarkowski The Worm!
The engraved Swedish stamp honoring Elvis Prestley, issued in 2004 (Scott 2493b), was a joint project worked on by Piotr and Czeslaw Slania.
Elvis Prestley
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Piotr Naszarkowski

Piotr Naszarkowski was born in Warsaw Poland in 1952. From 1975 to 1980, he pursued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. As a student, he began to work as a theater set designer and an assistant set designer at Polish Television.

His promising career was interrupted by the introduction of Martial Law (December 1981) and military mobilization of mass media. To earn a living, he started to work for the State House of Engraving and Printing in Warsaw as a stamp and banknote engraver. He also completed a course in copper and steel engraving at this time.

His interest in these techniques soon turned into fascination as he worked at improving his skills and researching the techniques used by masters. This is when he was introduced to the works of Czeslaw Slania for the first time.

Soon after his arrival to Sweden in 1989 he joined the team of engravers at the Slania-headed Swedish Post Stamp Division. From the beginning, he was coached by Slania. They completed several stamp booklets together including the Swedish Maps, Derek Walcott, Icons, Museum of Antiqutities and others.

When Slania, already ailing in 2004, could no longer complete his engraving tasks, Naszarkowski was assigned the task of completeing the work on the portraits Elvis Presley and Greta Garbo.

In addition to stamps, Naszarkowski specializes in bookplates and larger forms of engraving. Piotr Naszarkowski is counted among the last engravers who cultivate the noble engraving techniques inherited from the old school of European engravers. He is also the true successor to Czeslaw Slania.
In 2004, Naszarkowski finished engraving the U.S., $15.00 Hooded Mergansers federal duck stamp when engraver Czeslaw Slania was unable to complete the project. He said he was contacted in October 2004 to work on the stamp. Slania died March 17, 2005, and the Duck stamp was issued July 1, 2006.

The U.S. Duck Stamp, Garbo, and the Elvis stamps were a transition point for Naszarkowski, who has now engraved over 101 different stamp designs.

The U.S. 37c Greta Garbo stamp was his 99th postage stamp, and the 10-Krone Swedish stamp was his 100th. Naszarkowski noted that the U.S. stamp is a whiter design and that the Swedish stamp has a brown tint to it. For the Garbo engravings, Naszarlowski used preliminary sketches and information that Slania had started. "I tried to make it in his [Slania] way," said Naszarkowski.

The curl in Garbo's hair that covers her right eye is different in each design, showing that the two portrait engravings are slightly different in addition to the denominations and text.

When you consider that Naszarkowski has engraved 101 stamps, it's only a matter of time before he too engraves number 1,000, just like Slania.

Greta Garbo U.S. stamp

2006 Duck Stamp

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