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Paul Salmon
The Worm!
Paul Salmon is an award winning illustrator, artist and Stamp Designer.

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Paul Salmon

Paul Salmon, an award winning illustrator, has worked with such distinguished clients as the Smithsonian, NBC Television, National Geographic Society, Time-Life Books, NASA , U.S. Postal Service, American Forces Press and information Service and numerous government agencies. He has received commissions from the Air&Space Smithsonian, and the New York stock exchange companies' annual reports and national publications.

He has a bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Richmond Professional Institute, College of William and Mary, and has taught at the Corcoran School of Art. He has exhibited with and is a recipient of numerous awards from the Washington Art Directors Club, the Society of Illustrators in New York, the Meade Library of ideas and the Printing Industries of America.

Salmon has exhibited three paintings with the Smithsonian's traveling exhibition entitled "The Artist and the Space Shuttle." His art work is part of the permanent collection at the Kennedy Space Center.

Recent graphic design assignments have been the U.S. Postal stamp entitled "Supersonic Flight 1947" - Scott 3173 and the 55c stamp entitled "Billy Mitchell" - Scott 3330. In addition to his corporate assignments he is now devoting time to landscape and still-life painting. Some of Salmon's more unusual assignments were creating a 9 X 12 foot mural depicting the "badlands". The mural was used as a background in the "Teddy" Roosevelt exhibit at Medora, North Dakota, and also a water color painting at Manassas Battlefield depicting General Rufus King paused with troops just prior to the Second Battle of Manassas. spacer
Salmon was also the documentary artist for four launches and one landing of the U.S. Space Shuttle at Cape Kennedy, Florida. Three paintings are on exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center. Other paintings in the collection are at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC.

Billy Mitchell U.S. stamp
Scott 3330 Billy Mitchell

Supersonic Flight
Scott 3173 Supersonic Flight

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