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Chris Calle's stamp designs

Stamp designs by Scott number and description.
Paul Dudley White
Scott 2170
3c Paul Dudley White
Father Flanagan
Scott 2171
4c Father Flanagan
Hugo Black
Scott 2172
5c Hugo Black
Belva Ann Lockwood
Scott 2178
17c Belva Ann Lockwood
Harry S. Truman
Scott 1862
20c Harry S. Truman
John Audubon
Scott 1863
22c John Audubon
Earl Warren
Scott 2184
29c Earl Warren
Thomas Jefferson
Scott 2185
29c Thomas Jefferson
Dennis Chavez
Scott 2186
35c Dennis Chavez
Claire Chennault
Scott 2187
40c Claire Chennault
Chester Nimitz
Scott 1869
50c Chester Nimitz
Alice Hamilton
Scott 2940
55c Alice Hamilton
General Hap Arnold
Scott 2191
65c General Hap Arnold
Wendell Willkie
Scott 2192
75c Wendell Willkie
Mary Breckinridge
Scott 2942
77c Mary Breckinridge
78c Alice Paul
Scott 2943
78c Alice Paul
(10c) Eagle & Shield
Scott 2602
(10c) Eagle & Shield
(10c) Eagle & Shield
Scott 2603
(10c) Eagle & Shield
8.4c Wheel Chair coil
Scott 2256
8.4c Wheel Chair coil
20.5c Fire Engine
Scott 2264
20.5c Fire Engine
24.1c Tandem Bicycle         coil
Scott 2266
24.1c Tandem Bicycle coil
29c Sign Language
Scott 2783 & 2784
29c Sign Language
Connecticut Statehood
Scott 2340
22c Connecticut Statehood
20th Anniversary of Moon Landing
Scott 2419
$2.40 20th Anniversary of Moon Landing
Theodore von Karman
Scott 2699
29c Theodore von Karman
Dean Acheson
Scott 2755
29c Dean Acheson
Edward R. Murrow
Scott 2812
29c Edward R. Murrow
Dr. Allison Davis
Scott 2816
29c Dr. Allison Davis
George Meany
Scott 2848
29c George Meany
32c Bessie Coleman
Scott 2956
32c Bessie Coleman
25th Anniversary Moon Landing
Scott 2841
29c 25th Anniversary Moon Landing
25th Anniversary Moon Landing
Scott 2842
$9.95 25th Anniversary Moon Landing
Marshall Islands 9/11 Tribute
Marshall slands

Marshall Islands Reef Life
Marshall Islands
Reef Life

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