Knottywood Treasures
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Artists and Art Glossary

Andre Bardet | Emile Bellet | J.B.Berkow | Steve Bloom | Christopher Calle | Paul Calle | James Carter | Anatole Krasnyansky | Linda LeKinff | Dennis Lewan | Peter Nixon | Susan Patricia | Itzchak Tarkay | Janet Treby | Animation Art Glossary | How is a Lithograph made? | How is a Serigraph made? | How is a Giclee made?

The Artists
Knottywood Treasures currently has works of art available from the artists named above (or had art available in the past).  Click on the artist's name to go to their biography and also view a sampling of their art.  Or, click " Knottywood Treasures Art " to view our current offerings.
The Art Glossary
The Art Glossary defines terms used in describing animation and contemporary art. Click on the definition above to go to a brief explanation of the term. What is a Lithograph, Serigraph, Giclee? What is the difference between a production cel and a sericel? Find these definitions, and illustrations of the processes when you click on your choice of topic.
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Contemporary Artists

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