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Andre Bardet

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The Art of Andre Bardet

Andre Bardet  b. 1909 -


Since early childhood Andre showed a marked interest in painting. For a time, because of his professional obligations, he rarely painted and produced very little work. Later in his life, as his time permitted he was able to once again return to painting full time, and as his experience grew, so did the unique personality that is found in his paintings, and for which he is so well know today. Bardet is primarily attracted by light in his choice of subject, and he paints from diverse locations, including, Auvergne, Normandy, the Mediterranean and Greater Paris.


He has held many one-person and group exhibitions including: Club Pernod, Champs Elysees, Paris: 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988; Hotel Mercure, Clermont Ferrand; 1988; Caisse d'epargne, Clermont Ferrand: 1989; Town Hall of Levallois: September 1988.


Sales and Auctions: Limoges, Aurillac, Clermont Fd: 1990. Shows/Fairs: French Artist - Grand Palais, Paris - Member - "Mention Honorable;" Japanese Festival of Osaka from 1984 to 1989; Panorama of Contemporary Painting, Berne, Switzerland; European Academy of Arts, France - Silver Medal.

Publications: International Art Directory - SERMANDIRAS Editions 1986/87 - 88\89 - 90/91; Classification of painters - AKOUN - 1991; "ARGUS" Guide - 1990; Le Semestriel des Arts; MINITEL 36 15 COTE DES ARTS.


Le Peintre Sur Le Norte Dame

Bardet - Le Peintre Sur Le Notre Dame

Village En Provence

Bardet - Village en Provence

Chemin Du Jardin a Saint

Bardet - Chemin Du Jardin a Saint Saturnin

Sous Bois

Bardet - Sous Bois


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