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Paul Schmid
Cachet Maker Biography
 Colorano "silk" first day covers 1995 - 2011

Paul and Lorraine Schmid owners of Colorano

Paul and Lorraine Scmid purchased Colorano in 1995
from Ray Novak, their first cover was Marilyn Monroe, Scott #2967. They continued producing Colorano covers for 15 years then retired in 2010.

In 2011 Jim Roselle purchased Colorano and produced the covers until 2015. His first cachet was for 4492 Year of the Rabbit.

   In 2015 Jim Roselle sold Colorano to Mystic Stamp Company, no new covers are to be produced by Mystic.

I want to thank Paul Schmid and Ray Novak for their recollections relating to the history of Colorano first day covers.

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