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Ken Dallison stamp designs

Stamp designs by Scott number and description.
Ken Dallison Stamps
Scott 2127 - 7.1c Tractor; Scott 2131 - 11c Stutz Bearcat; Scott 2132 - 12c Stanley Steamer
Ken Dallison stamps
Scott 2381 thru 2385 Classic Cars
Ken Dallison stamps
Scott 3019 thru 3023 Antique Automobiles
Ken Dallison stamps
Scott C91-2 Wright Brothers / Scott C93-4 Octave Chunute / Scott C95-6 Wiley Post /
Scott C100 Glenn Curtiss / Scott C113 Alfred Verville / Scott C118 Samuel P. Langley

Do you want to know every U.S. first day cover that Colorano has ever made? Knottywood Treasures has a fully illustrated, complete, and current
Colorano United States Catalog.
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