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Welcome to Knottywood Treasures WebStore!
In the left hand column you will find links to categories of merchandise available.

Here is a brief description of what you will find under each link or drop down box.
antiques & miscellaneousAntiques & Miscellaneous - Antiques, old glass (other then Carnival Glass, Depression Glass and Opalescent Glass), and Miscellaneous Items that don't fit into other categories will be found here.
Serigraph & Giclee Art Art (Signed & Numbered) - Here you will find Serigraph & Giclee Art by well known contempory artists, like: Krasnyansky, Lewan, and Tarkay. Also Sericels of cartoon characters.
Carnival Glass, Depression Glass, and Opalescent Glass Carnival Glass and Depression Glass - In this link you will find old Carnival Glass, Depression Glass and Opalescent Glass
Collins 'hand painted' First Day Covers Collins First Day Covers - Under this link you will find Collins hand painted fdc's. Collins first day covers are hand painted and are made in very small numbers.
Colorano 'silk Cachet' First Day Covers Colorano U.S. First Day Covers - Colorano fdc's were first produced in 1971, they have a silk cachet and a gold border. Colorano fdc's are currently made for every U.S. stamp issued including Event Covers and Duck Covers.
Colorano Event Covers Event Covers - Colorano makes Event covers for milestones in history. Event covers are made for Space, Political, Memorial, Sports, and other important happenings that people want to remember.
Colorano Foreign First Day Covers Foreign Covers - There are Colorano first day covers made for many foreign countries, under this link you will find fdc's for: Canada, Great Britain, United Nations, The Trust Territories (Palau, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands). Also in this listing are Zaso silk cachet covers for Japan.
Colorano 'silk' Line Pair & PNC First Day Covers Line Pair & PNC's - Colorano silk cachets are also available for U.S. regular issue Line Pairs and PNC's.
Colorano MAXI-cards and Souvenir Cards Maxi- & Souvenir Cards - Colorano Maxi-Cards were made before the advent of the 'silk' cachet. These were made by Colorano from 1965 - 1971. Starting in 1971 Colorano 'silk' cachets first day covers were made in two forms, the regular #6 size envelope and a Souvenir Card, you will find the S/cards in this link.
Colorano 'silk' National Organization of Women first day covers N.O.W. - Colorano made 'silk' cachets for the National Organization of Women. These covers have a first day cancelled stamp and the cachet depicts a women being honored for the subject of the stamp. This is a numbered series of first day covers.
Philatelic Supplies & Albums Supplies & Albums - This tab shows philatelic supplies and first day cover albums available. Also you will find complete collection sets containing the album(s) and 'silk' cached covers.
Colorano, U.S. Back of the Book U.S. Back of the Book - This tab will take you to a sub-category for different back of the book first day covers. Here you will find Airmail, Postal Card, Stamped Envelopes, Official, Duck covers, and other 'b-o-b' items.
Philatelic U. S. & Foreign, Mint and Used Stamps U.S. Stamps - Here you will find collectible stamps for your philatelic collection.
Ye Old Bargain Basement Ye Old Bargain Basement Ye Old Bargain Basement - You never know what will be here! These are close-out items at bargain prices.
Click this tab to add Domestic Insurance or Registration to non-U.S. locations Add_Insurance - Recommended for purchases over $25.00 - Optional Insurance or Registration can be purchased for all orders by clicking the "Insurance" label in the left hand column. Make certain that the dollar amount selected corresponds with the amount of your purchase.
New Products New Products - Click on this tab to see the latest new items added to Knottywood Treasures. Be sure to check back often to check on new items!
All Products All Products - If you click this tab you will see a complete listing of everything in the Knottwood Treasures Store. (A good way to browse).
View Your Cart View Your Cart - This tab will take you directly to your checkout page.
Keyword Search Keyword Search - If you know a word in the item you wish to find type it in the box. It will find all items with the word you typed. -OR- If you are a Topical collector, type in your subject in the box provided. The box will currently only sort on the following topics: Animals Cartoons Flowers Holidays Landmarks Military Olympics Presidents Space Sports Transportation
Catalog Number Catalog Number - This is a drop down box, if you know the catalog number of the item, find it on the list and it will take you directly to the item. The numbers in the catalog and price list can be used here.
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